Comprehensive 3-Day Course

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Designed to comfortably and effectively eliminate snoring

Home sleep tester into the fastest growing segment of dentistry.

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• Sleep Physiology Basics
• History and Exam for SDB
• Sleep Study Interpretation
• Snoring Biomechanics & Prevention
• Role of Nose & Mouth in Breathing
• Bite Registration of Oral Appliance (Hands-On)
• Fitting an Oral Appliance (Hands-On)
• Titrating an Oral Appliance
• Sleep Bruxism
• Marketing Sleep Dentistry
• Experience a Home Sleep Study
• Analysis of Treatment Outcome
• Receive your own Moses® appliance


Course fee is $1795.00 and includes 3 days of hands-on instruction and lectures, BRAEBON MediByte testing and The Moses® appliance fitted to you. Dr. Moses invented The Moses® appliances and co-invented The Moses Bite Shims.