What is the difference between The Moses® and Moses® Elite?

The body of The Moses® Elite appliance is fabricated with Visiclear® which is more flexible and stronger than methyl methacrylate. It is possible to change the verticle dimension of The Moses® Elite in the office. Methyl methacrylate can be added to the existing methyl methacrylate that houses the maxillary bicuspids and molars covered by the maxillary retainer. Methyl methacrylate does not bond to Visiclear®

Must the patient wear the maxillary piece?

Yes, the patient must wear the flexible maxillary component in order to prevent tooth movement, increase stability, and help with alignment.  The mandible is being held in protrusive position and exerts pressure to retrude. If the upper component is not worn, teeth may move from both tongue and mandibular pressure.  The upper retainer splints all maxillary teeth and holds the mandible forward.

How do I adjust (titrate)? Will it arrive pre-adjusted specifically for my patient?

The jaw relationship established by your bite registration will be the exact jaw position used in the fabrication of The Moses® appliance.  You cannot wind the screw back from the starting position, so be conservative when taking your protrusive bite registration.  You are able to titrate the device by activating the screw mechanism with the key provided (1 turn = 1/8th of a mm).  The screw has a 6 mm thread.

What are the side screws used for? Is a special tool needed to turn the screws?

The side screws are to be used by the doctor (or patient if instructed accordingly) for mandible advancement (titration) in order to establish the optimum position for patient efficacy.  A conservative starting point is an advantage and comfortable for the patient. Also, occasionally the midline may need unilateral advancement of the screw on the side where the patient is experiencing pain.  A small “key” is sent to you with each appliance.

Is it possible to make minor adjustments to the appliance?

Our stringent quality systems ensure that The Moses® device returned to you is manufactured to very high standards.  The device has been specifically designed for patient comfort and efficacy; any changes may alter the overall function.  It would be rare for any structural adjustments to be needed.  Each specific part has a definite purpose.

Will the lower anterior teeth flare forward as they have no incisal acrylic coverage?

No, they will not. This is due to the design of the appliance and the bite registration protocol. It encourages good lip seal which will in turn prevent the lower anteriors from flaring forward, in addition to providing room for the tongue to sit in an anterior position and out of the airway.

What if your patient complains that their bite feels “strange” in the morning?

If it is difficult for your patient’s back teeth to touch after being awake for 1 hour, instruct them to chew a piece of sugarless gum until their back teeth touch. This usually takes only a few minutes.

What is the warranty?

Modern Dental Laboratory USA offers a 1-year warranty on all removable products including The Moses® and The Moses® Elite.

What type of impression material should I use?

For accuracy and stability, we require Polyvinyl Siloxane. Please do not send models.