Moses | Features

3-Dimensional Oral Appliance

We understand that it can be difficult to get a clear understanding of The Moses® just by viewing a photo. In order to make our Oral Airway Dilator easier for you to understand, we have illustrated the distinct aspects of The Moses® by using a color-coded design.

(Please note: the illustration has been altered to indicate the three distinct parts and their attributes. The Moses® will be blue with a clear maxillary retainer.)

Color CodedColor-Coded Indicators

Separate flexible retainer helps prevent tooth movement and acts as an anchor for the entire maxillary arch.

Attached to the base and determines how far the mandible is protruded. The Moses® will be delivered to you pre-set according to your bite registration. The buccal mounted advancement screws allow for an open anterior space for the tongue. Ideal Design!

The base of the device is specifically designed. The acrylic guides and stimulates the tongue to a protrusive or anterior position.

The Moses® is the only appliance that incorporates all 3 attributes of a successful anti-snore appliance.